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Michel Bellemare, professional photographer, member of PPDQ

Website : www.homeheadshotsmontreal.com

e-mail: experttvvideo@videotron.ca

Phone : 514.229.6082

We offer in-home professional photo session only

A great headshot represents who you are, what makes you unique, and shows hints or influences of your typing. The goal of a great headshot is not to look perfect, but to show your personality! You want the person looking at your photo to have an emotional connection to you. They should feel that they know you or want to meet you.


Corporate/ Business group package (3 to 7 people) : $300 and over

Corporate and business headshots :   $120.00 and over

Corporate portraits and executive headshots are most often contracted by businesses and companies looking to have exceptional employee or office staff portraits. These businesses include law firms  realtors, banks, brokerages, and also all kinds of small companies. This pricing presumes that the photography is for head and shoulder portraits of individuals on a solid white  background. If environmental portraits of individuals is needed, additional fees may apply based on the amount of additional time required to capture the requested portraits.

One hour Individual session and selected photographs are retouched in studio. Infinite choices for exclusive digital backgrounds. We are experts in high end retouching.

Personal portrait : $80.00 and over

Perfect for online dating profile, facebook profile and family picture.

Complete 1 hour session done at your home.

Dog Photography : $155.00

In-home photoshoot for dogs on white background. Final photographs are retouched in studio. High quality and high resolution artistic photos.

Passport : $40.00

Complete in-home services. Canadian standards.

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